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Join Suzanne every weekday at 6pm for KZOZ’s Get The Led Out presented by Rock N Osos Pizza in Los Osos! We’re rockin’ three in a row and digging...

KZOZ Live at Five

Check in with Suzanne for KZOZ Live at 5! It’s like a trip across time and round the globe with concert cuts spanning the decades! Live jams live here...

Jeff and Jeremy

Jeff & Jeremy in the Morning, Live and Local on 93.3 KZOZ Rocks!

Seth Blackburn

The Meat in your Weekday Sandwich


Weekday Afternoon Hangtime


  Meet CHEEBA! She was born and raised in LA and has been a Central Coast resident since getting married in 2002. Cheeba loves her pugs, Hello Kitty, cursing,...

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Friday Night Floyd Fix

Paying tribute to Pink Floyd with Joe Alvino!

The Grateful Dead Hour

93.3 KZOZ Rocks a trip down the golden road with the Grateful Dead Hour presented by Broad Street Public House, Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ and Megan’s Organic Market! Do...

Off The Record

Uncle Joe's vast knowledge of classic rock with the tunes and in-depth conversations with the artists.